Saturday, 5 May 2012

Boditronics Express Cookies- Now in Stock

Boditronics Express Cookies- Now in Stock

Boditronics Express Cookies (20 x 60g)

Boditronics Express Cookie is a delicious baked protein cookie containing a massive 50% protein. This revolutionary protein packed food item is ideal for boosting your protein intake in between or instead of meals or just as a healthy snack.
As with all Boditronics products, Express Cookies are designed to deliver you the very best taste and ingredients whist helping you achieve your desired fitness goals.
With a whopping 30g of Protein and 15g of Carbs per cookie its the ideal nutritional snack especially when on the go.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Grenade .50 Calibre Launch 2012

Grenade first to the world by storm with its extreme fat burner Grenande Thermo Detonator which is still a growing brand.  Now due for UK release is the ultimate pre work out drink .50 Calibre.  I have been lucky enough to sample this and believe me it won't disappoint.  The .50 Calibre has over 20 university tested ingredients, in high potency doses which are designed to deliver increased energy levels, incredible pumps, endurance and anti -catabolic support. The launch for this product is at the body power expo event in May and will soon hit the shelves in most good sports nutrition retailers.

Grenade® – 50 Calibre® was formulated by its expert R & D team after evaluating and considering every possible natural component that has been studied to enhance physical performance. As such, Grenade (UK) Ltd believes that it is the most dynamic and innovative nitric oxide product available today

Friday, 27 April 2012



In short, there are no short cuts to gaining lean mass, since it takes many years of dedicated effort and commitment to hard training, a healthy balanced diet, rich in muscle-building nutrients, and a healthy lifestyle to build slabs of rock hard muscle. Here are some pointers though in all these aspects of bodybuilding to help you achieve your goals.

  • Set short and medium term achievable goals.
  • Consistency in EVERYTHING that you do – you can’t miss workouts or skip meals if you hope to build an impressive body.
  • Stay away from negative people and influences.
  • Building an impressive body and good health does not happen overnight, it takes years of hard work and PATIENCE.

  • Stick to the basic exercises that have been proven over time to build tons of muscle: squats, deadlifts, bench presses, military presses, dumbbell presses, bent over rows, chin ups, dips, close grip bench presses, barbell curls, standing calf raises etc.
  • Allow adequate recuperation time between, not only individual bodyparts, but training sessions also. For most people, this means lifting weights intensively three or four times a week.
  • Incorporate low to moderate intensity fitness or cardiovascular work into your programme a few times per week. Remember – the heart is the most important muscle of all!
  • Always strive to be progressive in your training, either by aiming to lift the same weight for more repetitions or more weight for the same number of repetitions.
  • Always use perfect exercise technique to avoid injury.

  • Eat a variety of foods that are rich in first-class protein, such as lean meats, eggs and complex carbohydrates, such as porridge oats, wholegrain rice, wholemeal pasta and potatoes and plenty of vegetables.
  • If you eat like a bird, you will look like a bird, so adequate protein and calories are required to build muscle.
  • Eat a nutrient-rich meal every 2 and a half to 3 hours so, for most people, this means approximately six or seven smaller meals a day, but some of these can be made up of meal replacement drinks. However, solid food is the best way to grow muscle, and guzzling down several protein shakes a day instead of planning your meals effectively does not constitute proper eating to grow lean mass.
  • Ensure adequate sleep for recovery. A good guide is to try and get approximately 8 hours per night, although sometimes this isn’t always possible!
  • Avoid excessive alcohol
  • Avoid bad habits, such as smoking and using recreational drugs – it will destroy your immune system, kill your muscle-building stone dead and, more importantly, ruin your health.

So, there you have it: a quick summary of the key principles of building an impressive, muscular physique.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Chris Jones Personal Profile

Name: Chris Jones
D.O.B: 11th June 1975
Age:    36
Lives: Brentwood
Height: 5’7”
Off-season weight: 13st 7lbs – 14st
Contest weight:       12st 7lbs
Years Training:        20
Marital Status:                   Married
Career highlights:    2011 UKBFF under 80kg Champion
                                   2007 NPA British Middleweight and Overall Champion
                                  Will represent the UK for the UKBFF in the 2012 Amateur 
                                   Classic in the USA
Ambitions:                To gain professional status and compete at the world level

I have been training now for twenty years, a journey that began shortly after leaving school and was heavily influenced by my father, who always encouraged me throughout my childhood in sporting endeavours, such as swimming, judo, gymnastics and general fitness. My father’s family had always been involved in various sports, such as gymnastics, rugby, water polo and boxing and his father was chosen to compete internationally in gymnastics, so I suppose that I inherited that genetic prowess to a large extent.

            My earliest memories of seeing muscles, so to speak, was when my father brought home a video of Arnold Schwarzenegger as Conan the Barbarian when I was about ten years old and seeing Lou Ferrigno playing the role of “The Incredible Hulk” in the original TV series when I was a boy. From a young age, I knew that I wanted to be different and have that muscular look of raw power. When I kept asking my dad if I could start lifting weights yet throughout my teenage years, he just kept telling me that I was still a bit too young and to wait until I had grown a bit more. Eventually, my father gave in and allowed me to have a single old rusty dumbbell from the garage  in my bedroom that I lifted and hoisted every way I could think of after school every night. Combining these crude exercises with sit-ups, push ups and leg raises started to make changes to my body that I could clearly see, and I loved these changes.

            It wasn’t until after I left school that I joined a proper local commercial gym where I formally became involved in the apparently insane and bizarre sport of bodybuilding. In short, the more I trained and the better food I ate, the more muscle I grew and, consequently, I was able to dramatically change my appearance within a couple of years. By the age of 18 years old, I had put on approximately two stone of solid muscle. By age 22, I had put on approximately four stone of muscle.

            My first experience of bodybuilding competition came when I was 19 years old and I entered the junior class of the 1994 EFBB Mr. London Classic. I placed third out of four competitors, and I really didn’t know very much about contest preparation. After that competition, I really got the bug and I knew that I would definitely compete again. I competed only very sporadically, but enjoyed success at every competition thereafter, winning the novice classes at the NABBA 1999 South East and Kent Open Championships, and winning the middleweight and overall at the NPA 2007 British finals. My greatest success to date, however, has been winning the 2011 UKBFF British Finals under 80Kg class and consequently being selected by the federation to represent the UK in the Arnold Classic world amateur contest in the USA in March 2012.

            The opportunity to be involved in the bodybuilding and fitness industry as a profession arrived in January 2006, after much planning and forethought, when I bought my first gym, the Broadway Gym, in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex. When I first started working at the Broadway Gym, it was a very run-down and outdated gym facility with antiquated gym equipment, desperately in need of modernisation and careful attention, but it had a unique atmosphere that made you want to train, which still endures today. Gradually over the last six years, I have periodically updated, renovated and modernised the Broadway Gym and transformed it into a very friendly, welcoming and prosperous small business.

            Furthermore, I have always tried to share with the wider community the benefits that bodybuilding, weight training and exercise can offer, since I have enjoyed improved health, greater strength, self-esteem and self-confidence myself through being able to sculpt my body to the way I want. In 2006, I established a fitness and strength conditioning programme with Trinity Boys under 18 Football Club in Southend, where the boys would have a weekly circuit training session with me in order to improve their strength and performance on the pitch. The programme was a great success and several of the boys continued to train at the Broadway Gym, even when the football season finished. In addition, I have also run a scheme with a local Pupil Referral Unit in Hadleigh with boys who have been excluded from mainstream education as part of their weekly timetable for off-site activities. The programme has endured for the last five years for various year groups coming up through the school and has been a resounding success and extremely popular with these disaffected youngsters. The benefits of weight training have transgressed the typical barriers to learning that these boys had typically held and provided them with a greater sense of self-worth, achievement and self-discipline. Again, some of the boys have actually come to the gym outside of school time of their own accord and the feedback from the teachers has been extremely positive.

            In September 2011, the Landlord finally obtained planning permission to re-develop the site of the Broadway Gym into luxury flats and so I was forced to seek alternative premises. An amazing opportunity arose to buy an existing gym called Titans Health and Fitness in Rayleigh and so, from 1st October 2011, I embarked upon my second gym project.

            Titans is a very modern gym, located within a small estate of industrial units behind the co-operative supermarket in Rayleigh and is within very easy access of the High Street and neighbouring Hockley and Eastwood. Titans Gym has a very friendly atmosphere with a cross-section of different people with diverse goals of strength and fitness. The staff at Titans are able to offer personal training, prescription of exercise and nutritional programmes, tailored to individual needs and a wide range of bodybuilding and fitness supplements at competitive prices. The gym facilities include a full range of free weights, barbells and dumbbells, Life Fitness and Power Fabrications machines, full cardio area, male and female changing rooms and a high-powered stand-up sunbed. I am confident that Titans will be as successful, if not more so, than the Broadway Gym has been over the last six years.

My Keys to Success
In this life, there are no “secrets” or “magic formulas” to be successful. Of course, luck plays a very small part in the big picture, but I believe that we have to make our own luck in this world. Undoubtedly, to be successful, you have to commit yourself 100% to what you want to achieve, believe whole-heartedly in yourself, recognise your self-worth without being arrogant, and never let others throw you off course or pull you down. The sport of bodybuilding has taught me so much about my own strength of character and contributed heavily to my development as a person, since the extreme discipline and commitment required in competitive bodybuilding can be applied to other areas of life. Although this discipline and desire to succeed must come from within oneself, one of the most important factors for carrying you through the challenges of life is to have someone to share these experiences with and a family that supports you in your endeavours.


Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Chris Jones: Bodybuilder joins the team

Welcome to Chris Jones who has joined the Peak Sports Nutrition sponsor team .

Chris is an experienced bodybuilder, fitness and all round sports enthusiast.  
Check out his bio in our Pro Corner

Pro Corner Launched

Peak Sports Nutrition have launched its new pro-corner which is an area of the website where PSNs sponsors can promote there sports and improve their own profile whilst working with the Peak Sports Nutrition team to build the companies brand, providing supports and advice to our customers.

Check the new area with more teams and individual athletes to come there will be something for everyone.

Our sponsors will be reviewing supplements, blogging, article writing and much more.

Click here to visit the Pro Corner

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Say NO to VAT on Sports Drinks


From the 1st October 2012 Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne MP will be setting 20% VAT on many sports drinks. Including Protein and Creatine supplements

The move will push up prices and damage small, specialist manufacturers in particular. It will impact negatively on jobs and growth and undermine consumer safety by driving customers to source products from less reputable overseas suppliers through internet and mail order.

Join us in trying to fight this by signing the online petition